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Green Lipped Mussel Powder

3 months ago, we were getting ready to put down our 24 year old pony, my Uncle told us of you.. One week after being on wonder joint supplement & calcium, the improvement was incredible  3 months on now and she can give the big horses a run for their money..

Thanks so so much Ashley

Wonder Joint saves horse life

Louise and myself Wayne @ Baledda Collies have been using Natural Mobility Wonder Joint Canine on our older collie roughs (Lassie dogs) for the last 3 to 4 years . We feel that using this product has helped  our Collies in a big way on their mobility joints and their arthritis. We would highly recommend your product Natural Mobility Wonder Joint for canine.

Regards Wayne & Louise (Baledda Collies)

Hello Ashley

Four years ago I started giving my Bull Arab Natural Mobility Green Lip Mussel Powder.

My beautiful girl had developed a limp in her right shoulder. Visits to my Vet resulted in the recommendation that cortisone injections be given every

6 – 8 weeks after which time the limp would return.

It was suggested to me by a greyhound trainer that I try Natural Mobility Green Lip Mussel Powder.

I did and have never looked back. Over a period of 6 weeks the limp gradually disappeared.

I have been adding Green Lip Mussel Powder to my dogs food each day ever since and there has never been any hint of the limp returning and it is all down to this great product.

I would thoroughly recommend to anyone who’s 4 legged best friend suffers muscle or joint problems to give Natural Mobility Green Lip Mussel powder a try.

Bill Layfield
Blackalls Park

Good morning Ashley

Im thrilled to say it looks like Joint Mobility has won the day yet again.
This is the 4th horse I have used it on with great success.

Oreo has been fully loaded as per instructions.

He has had two riding sessions now and looks as good as new!!

All that is left is to get him fit again and he can go back to working a cow.

I just wanted to give you an update.
Thanks again


Dear Ashley
I’d like to say thank you for your help in recommending ‘Natural Mobility Joint Care’ Green Lipped Mussel Powder and the Marine Calcium.
My wild brumby mare is now as sound as any horse who has never been injured.
This mare was chased by dogs and her off side hind leg got tangled in a fence while trying to escape. The result of this was an incomplete fracture just at the fetlock.
Being a wild brumby normal treatment isn’t an option. So, I put her on the GLM & MC at the recommended dose rate in her feed.
Initially I thought I’d have to have her shot, but she responded so well to the GLM & MC that within a week I started to see real improvement, and within approx. 2 weeks she was putting her toe to the ground. A week after that she was weight bearing on this hoof.
She was in foal when she initially broke her fetlock, and under normal circumstances when a mare suffers substantial pain during pregnancy she slips the foal.
As you can see she went on to have a healthy colt 10 weeks later. This is testament to the combination of the GLM, MC & other herbs that were provided for her in her feed. Without them I seriously doubt this mare would have held on to her pregnancy.
This mare and colt are alive today, and for that I’m grateful.

Again, I would like to say thank you. I wouldn’t still have this mare or her colt if it wasn’t for the ‘Natural Mobility Joint Care’, ‘Green Lipped Mussel’ and the ‘Marine Calcium’.

Jennie Lea

This photo is a few weeks after she had her colt. As you can easily see her fetlock has some calcification because of the break. She can put full weight on this hoof, her holding it up is only because of how she was standing when I took the photo.

In this photo you can see she is putting full weight on this hoof. The photo was taken 1 week after the previous photo.

This photo was taken only 1 week ago, and you can see that all the calcification around the fetlock joint is now gone.

Testimonial from Elyse Hammill;

Over the years I have brought skinny, sore, run down horses you name it to Ashley. I have had amazing results from using Ashley’s products.
When I first started going to Ashley and Natae I had a rather poor looking quarter horse. He wasn’t well muscled and had a fairly average coat. On top of this he was quite grumpy.
Straight away Ashley put him on colloidal silver for stomach ulcers and colloidal minerals for his health and to get him up to speed. The result in the long run was a super round happy horse. I’ve never had a horse that so many people compliment on! He had a super shiny coat and finally put on weight/muscle. There was a dramatic improvement in his work ethic and all round temperament.
Unfortunately he bowed a tendon right before a big competition I had been training for non stop. I was actually quite lucky I didn’t keep riding him, I didn’t notice until I walked him off the float at Ashley’s and she spotted it straight away! With a 6mnth spell and technyflex he made 100% recovery! This Was a much better result then what I was expecting.
I have you used another great product called ‘kompeet’ on a grey tb mare that I bought off the jankowskis. I reduced her feed by more then half while using the product as she kept her weight so well and gained a ton of muscle. There was a massive improvement in energy. 100% recommend this product to anyone who wants a great health kick for their horse.
I have plenty of great stories but my most recent one is about a young warmblood I bought named Rolley. He was super skinny and still had a winter coat that should have been long gone. His coat was super orange with no shine. Rolley is also quite hot and gets bored easily.
After using 1kg of equine B9 he has lost his winter coat and now has dapples through his sleek summer coat. He looks so much better and happier then when I first got him. He’s attention span is a lot better and he seems to be a lot more focused. B9 is one of my favourite natural supplements Ashley has got me onto.
If anyone would like before and after photos or to chat to me about my experience with these products. Shoot me a message! They are all great products!

Dear Ashley

I’d like to let you know how much better horses do on the ‘Natural Mobility Joint Care’ ‘Green Lipped Mussel’ powder and the ‘Marine Calcium’ than on the standard use of ‘Bute’ paste.
My Painted Mustang gelding was attacked by my QH Stallion after someone deliberately let the stallion out of his yard and in with the mob. The stallion put him into a fence where he was injured on his off side hind up near and inside the stifle.
At the time I noticed there was a problem (the person who was in charge of doing the feeds, failed to notify me of his injury) it was 3 days later and he wasn’t able to put any weight on that leg at all.
I immediately brought him in and put him on the ‘Green Lipped Mussel’ powder and he showed instant improvement within only a few days.

This was after only 2 days on the GLM

He’s eating well and I’m very happy with his progress.

Unfortunately I had only a little bit of the GLM left in my stocks, and because of regulations I had to put him on the standard treatment of ‘Bute Paste’ for pain relief.
Once my supply of GLM was gone, he rapidly went backwards.
He stopped eating, he lost a lot of condition, and he stopped putting any weight on that leg at all.

I found a small stash of GLM enough for 2 doses and he immediately put his foot back down to the ground. And started eating again.

The drastic weight loss was a result of stomach problems caused by the Bute paste, and he was put onto additional treatment for this.

While ever he was on the GLM he put his foot to the ground, he would weight bare on that leg and he would happily eat.

After 10 days on the Bute he wouldn’t so much as put his toe to the ground and he stopped eating! He stopped drinking! and he stopped moving around!


Jennie Lea

“Patch” is an elderly Shiatsu. He was suffering and could not jump up onto the couch to his favourite spot and was a little grumpy and passive. He just wanted to lie around all day and look miserable.
A visitor suggested he might have a sore back and suggested we give him some of the Natural Mobility Joint Care for a few days to see if it made a difference.
Well by day 4 patch was a different dog. He is now running around everywhere and is rounding up the chooks and horses.
He is so full of life and he has never looked so good. His coat shines and he has gone back to being the dark colour in his patches, he was as a pup, thus his name.
He loves to swim in our pool now and thinks he is the big macho working dog around the horses, so we have to keep an eye out for him trying to help round them up.
It is like he has a new lease on life and all because someone told us about this wonderful all natural “Joint Care.”
Thank you “Natural Mobility” for giving us back our old dog.
Grace Mc Carthy

Three Natural Mobility Canine Joint Care sponsored Pugs.

Dicky and Pash together on one side, Pugsley on the other side.

Thoroughbred horse found very lame in paddock. “Query” hurt itself playing? Very lame behind but worst on off side hind. Placed on Natural Mobility Joint Care and Natural Mobility Marine Calcium that day. Sound 2 days later and being ridden as per video.

3 Days Later
after taking
Natural Mobility
Joint Care and
Marine Calcium

Beau’s Story

INJURY: Nasty hip and fetlock injury unable to flex fetlock and balance  to have hooves trimmed. Horse would get down and then could not get back up.

I phoned Ashley one afternoon as a last resort as my beloved horse, Beau, was suffering with severe arthritis in both his hip and off side fetlock. I rang Ashley on the off chance that she might be able to help Beau as I had heard good things about her products. I told her Beau’s story and how bad he was and was there anything possible that she could suggest that might help him as I had tried all other avenues. Ashley asked his age and problems and felt that at 20 years of age there was still a lot of life in him yet. Ashley advised me that she felt that 3 of her products could help Beau. One being Natural Mobility Joint Care for his inflammation and arthritis. Two, Natural Mobility Marine Calcium for skeletal support and its collagen content for healing. Three, So Vital Organic Minerals for boosting his mineral needs and natural hormones. After discussing this with her I told her I had to go and make an urgent phone call and I would ring her back in 5 minutes. I immediately rang the Vet and cancelled his visit for that afternoon to euthanize my horse as I felt like there was a chance we could help my beautiful Beau. I called Ashley back and explained to her what I had done and how dire the situation had become. She had no idea when I first phoned her that my intention was to have Beau put down that afternoon.

Ashley sent the three products Express Post and I immediately started treatment as she had advised. She had requested that I ring her back on Day 10 after commencement of treatment. I followed her dosage guidelines to the letter and on Day 10 when I rang her I watched Beau come cantering down the hill bucking and kicking like a 2 year old. I had my wonderful partner back!

A year later, Beau has not looked back and is sound and we go for the occasional ride. Thank you Natural Mobility!

Karen Miller SA


Feel good post and it’s all because of an amazing knowledgeable lady and her incredible products . I can’t thank you enough Ashley Jankowski
Just under 6 weeks ago my old boy Hurcs came down with a mystery virus that the vets could not quite work out what it was so just declared it as a virus. Hurcs was dropping weight before our eyes and could barely walk, extremely lethargic and off his feed, we were thinking the worst that at the age of 28 Hurcs was not going to make it. With tears flowing by the bucket load I needed to do something to help him before it was to late. I rang Ashley for help and she straight away put him on a program of tiny mash feeds and her Equine B9 to clear his body if the unknown toxins. Within 2 days Hurcs was starting to improve, looking more alert and wanting food, within 4 days he was back to himself but extremely skinny. I had to hide him in shame as I don’t do skinny horses. I took pics the day I started the treatment with Ashley and today took more for comparisons.

WOW what a change, not only is Hurcs 100% better but flourishing and today he bought me to tears again, but this time tears of joy. Usually he wonders down slowly to get his feed but today he flat chat galloped across the 15 acre paddock to greet me for his feed, I wish I was quick enough to grab my phone and record it but he was too fast . ???
I was not going to post the before pics as I don’t need the negatives on how bad he was, but want you all to seeing the difference for yourselves.
Thank you so much Ashley from the bottom of my heart and from Hurcs for saving his life .
Equine B9 is a must have product for all horses, even my show horses are all on it, the health benefits are astounding



Equine B9 1kg & 5kg

Equine B9 is an exclusive, concentrated, organic based horse feed supplement with the full spectrum of bioavailable vitamins and minerals. Equine B9 contains certified organic minerals with 24 botanical extracts and enzymes, amino acids and extra calcium, magnesium and silica.

The key core ingredient is VolcaMin that has had amazing healing effects and used for over a decade in Europe.

A lady called Karen rings me from SA and asks me if l think my powder could help her ailing horse. I ask what is wrong with the horse and she tells me he has severe arthritis and gets down and can’t get back up. He has sustained a bad hip injury and a swollen back leg which he had, when she felt sorry for him and bought him. The fetlock injury is a problem as well, because Beau cannot bend it, so it was a problem when having his feet trimmed as he could not balance very well either. I ask if she is sure that is all that is wrong with the horse and yes it is the Vets diagnosis.
I ask how old the horse is and she tells me he is only 20 years old and her best mate.
So l tell her, “yes, l am pretty sure my powder will help her horse”, so she tells me she has to hang up to make an urgent phone call and will ring me back. I of course think well that is the last l will hear from her, but true to her word she rings back in 5 minutes and then tells me the reason she hung up so quickly, was to ring her Vet before he left, as she had arranged for him to come out and Euthanize her horse that very afternoon. She had decided to postpone the Vet and give it one last go and try my powder on her horse.
I put my head in my hands and thought OMG what have l said. Have l given her false hope, but then my conscience kicks in and tells me it is worth the try.
She tells me how sad she is at present and l am feeling her sadness, so l tell her l will send the powder down for nothing, but l believe he needs 3 products all up to begin with.
They are
No 1. The Joint Care for inflammation of his body and joints.
No. 2. Marine Calcium for his Skeletal system.
No 3. the So Vital for his body strength and Natural Hormone supply. He so needs muscle strength help as well.
She will try any last thing l say might help, for her much loved old horse.
So l send off the package and ask her to promise me she will USE THEM AS DIRECTED and ring me back in 10 days time.
True to her word Karen rings me back in 10 days and l answer the phone to the words “You are my angel” . I reply “Oh that’s a nice thing to say” and then “Who am l speaking to”. It was Karen, She tells me she saw her horse literally canter down the hill to her this morning, kicking and bucking on the way down. Something he has not done for a very long time.
“ l can’t believe it” she said “l have a 2 year old back.”
So how does it all end. Wonderfully of course. It is a year ago now and Beau is in the best of health. He struts around the paddock and Karen is back riding her best mate again. He looks a million dollars with his short shiny coat and frequently has a gallop and pig root in the paddock. He has muscled up again and looks and behaves so much younger than he is.
He gets his Joint Care and Marine Calcium every day and the occasional ride when Karen has the time in her busy life. Something she never thought she would ever do again.
Sometimes just sometimes life can so Inspire, especially when you hear the wonderful stories of success with this truly amazing product that is Natural Mobility Joint Care.
I am so Grateful to a lovely Kiwi lady who told me not to throw away all my 15 years of trialling and work with another NZ GLM brand and to be brave and have my own product made. It has been a tough road to follow, but l do not have any regrets what so ever except perhaps for one, I should have done it a long time ago.
Cheers from Karen Miller, Beau Miller and Ashley from Natural Mobility.