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Natural Mobility – Natural Supplements for Horses & Dogs

Supplying Natural Supplements and Nutrients for joints, ligaments and tendons in Horses, Dogs and Humans. Our natural anti-inflammatory products use 100% pure green lipped mussel powder from the pristine waters of New Zealand. Call Ashley for more information about how this product may be able to help you and your pets.

Ashley has many years experience in caring for horses and dogs and is more than happy to guide you on dosage rates for her joint nutrient and health supplement products.

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Natural Anti-inflammatory Nutrients
for joint care in Horses
eg ligaments, tendons & joints

Natural Mobility “JOINT CARE” Horses

(Available in 5 sizes)

Natural nutrients for bone disorders

Natural Mobility “MARINE CALCIUM” Equine

(Available in 3 sizes)

Natural nutrients for bone disorders

Natural Mobility “MARINE CALCIUM” Canine

(Available in 3 sizes)

Natural Anti-inflammatory Nutrients
for joint care in Dogs eg ligaments, tendons & joints

Natural Mobility “JOINT CARE” Dogs

(Available in 3 sizes)

Natural Green Lip Mussel nutrients
for Humans

Natural Joint Care Human

(Available in 2 sizes)

Organic Horse Feed Supplement contains vital vitamins and minerals (1kg & 5kg)

Equine B9

Kompeet – Increase Stamina Feed Supplement for Horses (10kg bucket)


Natural Worming for Horses

Diatomaceous Earth

Diatomaceous earth is being used by a growing number of horse owners for a variety of purposes, including parasite control and as a source of silica.

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NOTICE: At this time Natural Mobility Joint Care products are going through the APVMA registration process. Product details and testimonials have been removed from this site until Registration has been granted.

Introducing Clara, (Kabova Hot On Your Heels), future show champion Pug puppy who gets her Natural Mobility Joint Care every day as a prevention for her joints but also because of its Omegas, Vitamins and Minerals. As an owner/breeder of dogs for many years her mum knows only too well how to avoid joint issues in the future NATURALLY with the help of Joint Care.


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Feel good post and it’s all because of an amazing knowledgeable lady and her incredible products . I can’t thank you enough Ashley Jankowski
Just under 6 weeks ago my old boy Hurcs came down with a mystery virus that the vets could not quite work out what it was so just declared it as a virus. Hurcs was dropping weight before our eyes and could barely walk, extremely lethargic and off his feed, we were thinking the worst that at the age of 28 Hurcs was not going to make it. With tears flowing by the bucket load I needed to do something to help him before it was to late. I rang Ashley for help and she straight away put him on a program of tiny mash feeds and her Equine B9 to clear his body if the unknown toxins. Within 2 days Hurcs was starting to improve, looking more alert and wanting food, within 4 days he was back to himself but extremely skinny. I had to hide him in shame as I don’t do skinny horses. I took pics the day I started the treatment with Ashley and today took more for comparisons.

WOW what a change, not only is Hurcs 100% better but flourishing and today he bought me to tears again, but this time tears of joy. Usually he wonders down slowly to get his feed but today he flat chat galloped across the 15 acre paddock to greet me for his feed, I wish I was quick enough to grab my phone and record it but he was too fast . 😄😄😄
I was not going to post the before pics as I don’t need the negatives on how bad he was, but want you all to seeing the difference for yourselves.
Thank you so much Ashley from the bottom of my heart and from Hurcs for saving his life .
Equine B9 is a must have product for all horses, even my show horses are all on it, the health benefits are astounding





Equine B9 1kg & 5kg

Equine B9 is an exclusive, concentrated, organic based horse feed supplement with the full spectrum of bioavailable vitamins and minerals. Equine B9 contains certified organic minerals with 24 botanical extracts and enzymes, amino acids and extra calcium, magnesium and silica.

The key core ingredient is VolcaMin that has had amazing healing effects and used for over a decade in Europe.