One of the causes of lameness in horses is ringbone.

Addressing Ringbone with Marine Calcium and Wonder Joint

Over the years we have had a number of ringbone cases with varying degrees of lameness. If you find you have a horse with this problem contact us for help. The treatment we give them is all the same. That being, Marine Calcium and Wonder Joint. Marine calcium to settle down the bone growth and Wonder Joint for the pain.
Nearly all horses have come sound with this form of treatment over a period of time..
Marine calcium seems to inhibit the bone growth and over time has actually gotten rid of the calcium deposit in one mare who was so lame she was only days off being put down with ringbone in a hind pastern but with the combination of both the Marine Calcium and the Wonder Joint she came sound and the ringbone disappeared. She is still alive and well into her 20’s now.
The Marine Calcium is made from the bones of deep sea ocean fish so it is organic and is very quickly absorbed by the body. Usually it is a 4 hour period whereby 95% of the calcium is absorbed. This is why it is so effective, plus it also has a 20% collagen content which is what accelerates healing. So if you have a horse suffering from ringbone or who is constantly lame or sore, please try the combination of both the Wonder Joint and the Marine Calcium and see how your horses agility improves . It may even improve enough to the point of where you will be able to ride him again.
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