Magnetic Pulser Super P


Fast Facts:

  • Now runs at a blazing fast 75 pulses per second.
  • Paddle does not get hot even after 9 hours straight running at full speed
  • Totally Solid State and Robust Design,
  • Highest quality Japanese Capacitors
  • 11 milli henry coil rating
  • Thermal protection not required
  • PEMF Technology
  • Bob Beck protocol 

 FREE BONUS : 2 Radiation Absorbers, Valued at $80


Heavy Duty Magnetic Pulser

Introducing the Klemens Ultra Pulsa


In 2000, we developed the first fast speed Magnetic Pulser. It ran at 10 pulses a second and was the fastest on the market. We tested it on various conditions and to our delight and surprise, it worked much faster and better than the slow speed coin flipping units.

The slow speed units use a very high voltage and produces a sharp pulse as opposed to our unit which produces a soft gentle pulse which has proved to be, by the feed back we have received from many of our customers, much more effective than the slow speed coin flipping units. We have continued to make these as opposed to the slow speed high coin flipping units simply because they work better. Customers that had enough of the slow speed units and how long they take to work were delighted.

One of Australia’s best known Naturopaths was a slow speed pulser agent and when we introduced it to her, she was delighted and has remained a customer since 2002. She was so sensitive to magnetic fields that she could feel the gentle soft pulse with her hand a foot away. She was sold from the beginning.

The main marketing techniques slow speed pulser units use is that their units are more effective by sharp high voltage effects on metal objects or coins. They are obsessed with this idea and only ever do demonstrations close up. I have never seen any demonstrations ranging up to 8″.  What most people are not aware of is how long it takes to use these slow speed devices.

I used to use a slow speed device every day on my kidney areas for pain relief. After 30 minutes, my pain was reduced by 50%. When I used my new fast speed pulser on it, it reduced the pain by 90% in 5 minutes. I cannot make any medical claims as each person is different and can have different results, however that was one of my many personal experiences. I have not read a single slow speed pulser testimonial that match ours.

All these demonstrations that other pulser manufacturers make is based on more supposed power at the surface of the paddle and are mainly promoting the idea that the more power the better. OUR BODIES ARE NOT METAL OBJECTS. Our bodies respond better to gentle magnetic fields and frequencies. Every cell and organ has its own frequency. Cell voltage operates at around the 50-60 milli volt range (0.5 volts). Very small.

Our purpose with our coin dancing demonstration is to show gentle speeds on a bare coil. Remember that these units have a working range of about 8 inches or 300 mm. If you want a more effective pulser, consider ours. If you want a metal coin flipper, buy a slow speed unit. If you want to flip your condition, buy ours. It was also recommended by Walter Last, an independent scientific naturopath and author, as his favorite pulser.

Later in our product development, we made a major breakthrough in speed and design, and were able to achieve 40 pulses a second while still keeping the unit cool. We called this machine the Super T Magnetic Pulser.

Soon after, we released our Super P Magnetic Pulser which operates at 75 pulses a second, increasing the effectiveness once again.

However, in September 2017, we continued the improvements and design of the machines with the release of the Ultra Magnetic Pulsa. This particular unit can be run at up to a BLAZING FAST 124 PULSES A SECOND. Due to the design improvements and speed at which the machine runs, the Ultra Magnetic Pulsa has extra heavy duty components that allows the unit be run at full speed ALL DAY WITHOUT GETTING HOT. This test was done at 21 degrees C in a well ventilated area.

We also include a switch for the Schumanns frequency with this unit.

Our NEW GENERATION PADDLES for all Magnetic Pulsers have been improved structurally to withstand a drop from a 3 story building onto bare dirt and also onto a hardwood plank. Check out the tab above for  “Klemens Paddle Durability test”

This puts our Bob Beck protocol years ahead of its time.

Warranty Information

Each unit comes with a 3-year warranty on internal components. Warranty is void if the failure is due to abuse or negligence.

All international orders will receive an inbuilt self-diagnostics system. In the rare case the instrument develops a fault, you will only have to send back a part that weighs 130 grams or 4.5oz for any warranty or repairs. This will save sending the whole heavy unit back.

What else is good about the unique pulser head?

The new pulser heads come with a  Radiation Absorber.  These are built with natural activated materials that absorb and neutralize harmful electromagnetic fields.

The  Radiation Absorber even works when the unit is not turned on. Just keeping the pulser head near where you sleep will be of benefit to you.

It works simply by tuning into the body’s bio-field to reduce the amount of harmful frequencies within your body.

This is included at no additional cost.

We also include a dirty electricity filter on the mains coming into our instrument case.Theses are valued at $40 each and are free to you.These stop the high frequency signals sent down the power lines.

Does that mean the Magnetic Pulser is run on this dirty electricity?

This is one of the unique advantages our pulsers have. We install Dirty Electricity Filters into our devices.

These Dirty Electricity Filters contain a unique blend of natural activated earth elements that creates a natural harmonious energy field. This will reduce the harmful frequencies produced by various devices from coming into the magnetic pulsers.


Where are the Magnetic Pulsers manufactured?

We want to build a machine that lasts. Something that isn’t going to break down easily. Especially considering the amount of power going through these devices, quality and safety are of utmost importance to us.

We are not trying to save a couple of dollars on cheap, lightweight international components. Our units are made from heavy-duty components that were built to last. As a result, our machines are quite heavy. The The Ultra Pulsa weighs in at a sizable 4.9 kilograms.

These are not toys; they were built to function and to last. They are manufactured in Bundaberg, Queensland, Australia by our family business. This is to ensure only the best quality components and workmanship go into the machines.



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