StrongStep Frog Care – Horse Hoof Treatment


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StrongStep Frog Care may assist to Get rid of thrush

StrongStep Frog Care is a unique blend of natural oils from tree extracts that may assist to eliminate thrush and canker while developing and ensuring a future healthy durable hoof.

Directions for use:
For best results, have an experienced farrier clean and trim the frog before applying StrongStep Frog Care. When a farrier is not available, clean frog thoroughly with a hoof pick and brush before use. Carefully apply StrongStep Frog Care directly on the frog and surrounding area. StrongStep Frog Care is to be applied daily until thrush is cured and the desired effect is obtained.
Once thrush is cured, we recommend using StrongStep Hoof Conditioner daily to the entire hoof to avoid future problems.


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