Placide Organic Magnesium for Horses (250g & 500g)


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500g = $120

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A highly available form of organic Magnesium for horses

May assist horses which may be,

  • Uncooperative?
  • Sluggish?
  • Ill Tempered?
  • Jumpy?
  • Grouchy?
  • Head Strong?
  • Won’t settle at shows?

Magnesium may assist in helping to maintain the central nervous system functions and a role in muscle release.

Horses are 80% muscle including some very large ones like the long back muscle and hamstrings.

When horses are short on magnesium their muscles can get very tight and tense. This inhibits their movement and performance.

Boron may assist to maintain good levels and to transport magnesium throughout the body.

Adequate boron may assist to reduce the excretion levels of magnesim by as much as 40%.

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