Cruciate ligament and green lipped mussel powder

Early in 2017 our beautiful Australian Collie ‘Paxtan’ became very lame in his left hind leg. After a trip to the vet it soon became evident that he had a cruciate ligament injury and would require surgery. We went ahead with the surgery and the outcome was good.

Two years later we again noticed that Paxtan was starting to limp on the other leg. Again we took him to the vet and we got the bad news that he had injured the cruciate ligament in his other hind leg. Funds were tight at this time and the injury was not severe so we thought we would try WONDER JOINT which was a green lipped mussel product we had been successfully using on our horses with joint problems for decades.

Much to our delight Paxtan responded nearly immediately to the WONDER JOINT formula. After only 3 days he was limping less and was happier in himself. After 10 days he was running around like a puppy.

Paxtan is now 15 years old and has been on a low dose of WONDER JOINT for many years. As he has the green lipped mussel powder in his system to reduce inflammation he is not suffering at all from arthritis or any other signs of sore joints.

We strongly recommend this product for dogs and horses with sore joints.

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