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"This stuff is absolutely amazing, completely changed 
my horses life who was riddled with arthritis! 
Have all my horses on it now as its a fantastic 
natural preventive treatment too."

Shonna Gorman

Joint Care Equine  100g

Natural Nutrients
for painful sore joints
in Horses

Natural Mobility

(Available in 5 sizes)


Natural Nutrients
for painful sore joints
in Dogs

Natural Mobility

(Available in 3 sizes)

Green Lip Mussel 
nutrients for Humans

Natural Joint Care

(Available in 2 sizes)

Marine Calcium E & C  200g

Natural Mobility

Available in 3 sizes

Marine Calcium 200g

Natural Mobility

Available in 2 sizes

So Vital Organic Minerals 1L

So Vital Organic Minerals

Available in 3 sizes


Attention Customers

After nearly 15 years in the Green lipped mussel powder business,
Natural Mobility is proud to announce our own GLM product called simply
“Natural Mobility Joint Care” for humans and animals.

The Joint Care is now available in powder form for horses and dogs. The canine caps
are a wee way off and so we are asking our customers with fussy dogs
to try our canine powder by mixing it in a little milk or sprinkle on their food.
We have found that the milk solution has the dogs drooling while waiting
as they absolutely love it this way.

The human capsules are also a wee way off, so
in the meantime we are recommending “MOTIPID” 100 and 280
which we ourselves have trialled and found to be excellent.
Another benefit is a lower price. So try our new products
and we are sure you will be as thrilled as we are with the results and the lower costs.

All our products carry a money back guarantee.

Regards Ashley and Kas at Natural Mobility.



My 26 year old mare has arthritis in her rear end. She has previously been on another green lip mussel medication but since changing to Natural Mobility Joint Care her mobility has significantly improved. I cannot believe the difference in her and consider this to be a more effective product.

Signed Allan Williams - Clarence Town Newcastle NSW



Natural Mobility recommended Motipid Green Lip Mussel Capsules
as a nutrient source for humans with sore joints

"Hi Ashley

I was suffering with arthritis in my hips for many years and I just wanted to thank you for helping me.
My hip joints were so painful that I could hardly walk, just walking around the supermarket was agony.
After taking your green lip mussel powder for only a couple of weeks my hips are now pain free.
After many years of pain from the arthritis I can now sleep on my side again and
regularly go bush walking which I love. I can't thank you enough for your advice and of course for your product.


Natural Nutrients
for sore joints
in Horses

Natural Mobility

Natural Nutrients
for sore joints
in Dogs

Natural Mobility

Green Lip Mussel 
nutrients for Humans

Natural Joint Care

Would Natural Mobility "JOINT CARE" assist these knees?


After the heartbreaking loss of our little palomino pony Molly I didn't think I would ever again purchase an "older" pony - the heart break of nursing them through old age and deteriorating joints was not something I wanted again.  As they say ....."Famous last words...."

Amira wasn't even for sale when we first went to visit her, but after just one ride my eldest daughter was in love.  I was hesitant as she was "older" and her legs were covered in massive scars so I just knew that arthritis, and the familiar heartbreak, was probably just around the corner.  This horse could hack like a champion and sport like a demon, the only thing she refused to do was jump.  Despite not really being able to jump her my eldest had two fantastic years competing on her.  They won everything, the old girl seemed to know when was walked into the ring that it was time to shave 10 years off and perform!


At first when she went lame we put it down to a short trim, put front shoes on and started her on another brand of GLM.  Things went OK for a while but my daughter complained that Amira was "always tired" and really hard to keep moving.  Amira wasn't coping when we yarded her away from home and was very heat intolerant. Then Amira fell over in sporting, badly.  This was a road we had travelled before with Molly and the day Amira fell my eldest daughter was inconsolable.

At the end of last year after her fall we made a decision to move Amira onto my younger daughter who wasn't as keen on going fast and competing as feverishly. While the combination of horse and rider was a better fit my youngest desperately wanted to jump (at a low height) with her friends.

A chance phone call from Ashley at Natural Mobility led me to try her new GLM product - that was about six weeks ago now and you should see our old girl move now!  Amira has since been moved up a jumping grade and competed in 4 rounds of jumping last weekend, and although she didn't go clear, she didn't flatly refuse to jump like she used to.  Amira is moving way more freely and willingly.  Today her and Penny jumped the top jump height at the paddock and in July they will complete at PCA NSW State Show Riding.


Thank you Ashley so much for your wonderful GLM product - it has changed our Mare and given us hope of a few more years competing on her.  I highly recommend this product and it certainly has given us superior results compared to the previous GLM product we were using.

Belinda Coleman




Hi.   I am Australian Champion Rottweiler Blakesims Great Gusto, but my human Mum and Dad call me Nero.   I’m 7 years old now, and am starting to feel a bit old, especially in my joints, which ache more often now than they don’t, well, at least they used to.    Since my Mum and Dad found this really clever stuff called Natural Mobility Canine Joint Care, and started giving me some with every meal (twice a day for me – yum!), my joints don’t ache anywhere near as much, and I can now have more fun and games with my best girlfriend, my daughter, her mum, and Mum and Dad, and have more outings as well – really big woofs and licks for Natural Mobility Canine Joint Care – I feel great again!!



Madison is an 18 month old lab x blue heeler. She has elbow displacement which results in her being very stiff and some days results in us having to carry her around as she is to sore. She had little quality of life as she did not want to play with other dogs or even chase a ball.

After speaking to Ashley, the decision was made to try her on Natural Mobility Joint Care, but before we had the chance to put her on it, she was bitten by a brown snake. 2 days at the vets and she was out, she was given Vitamin C and NM Joint Care, within two days of being at home was back to her normal self, except her permanent limp she had, was much less noticeable.

After a week of being on NM Joint Care she is now playing fetch and down the paddock to accompany the horses when they are being ridden out. She is a much happier dog and cannot wait to watch her continued improvement, thanks to this magic product. We cannot thank Ashley enough for giving Madison her quality of life back and giving me a happy friend for life.



Hi Ashley

My dog, Tina, is a really old lady at 18 years old and I wanted to let you know how much we have appreciated your product and your advice over the years. Tina is a small terrier and has been the most wonderful pet we have ever owned. She is now totally deaf and can't see much but unbelievably she is still walking and running around the yard thanks to your Joint Care product. We put her on Joint Care as soon as she showed signs of arthritis in her hips and I think this has definitely helped her to keep going so long. Being arthritis and pain free has meant she has had a great quality of life despite the loss of her hearing and most of her sight. She has slowed down lately but she is still happy which is what we all wish for in our old age isn't it? Thanks again. Jennifer









SMALL HORSE (15 hands and under): Loading dose: 1 to 3 level scoops am and pm for 10 days.

Day 11 onwards once daily.

MEDIUM HORSE (15 to 16 hands):

Loading dose: 2 to 4 level scoops am and pm for 10 days.

Day 11 onwards once daily.

LARGE HORSE (16-17 hands or over) Loading dose: 4 to 6 level scoops am and pm for 10 days.

Day 11 onwards once daily.

NOTE: Scoop size is 2.5 grams.

If you wish to ask any questions then please do so please give us a call or send us an email.
Tel 02 4988 6015




Small Dog: LOADING DOSE: 1 to 2 level scoops am and pm for 10 days. Day 11 onwards once daily.

Medium Dog: LOADING DOSE: 2 to 4 level scoops am and pm for 10 days. Day 11 onwards once daily.

Large and Extra Large Dog: LOADING DOSE: 3 to 6 level scoops am and pm for 10 days. Day 11 onwards once daily.

NOTE: Scoop size is 1.25 grams.



Hello Ashley
Another weekend out and this time at Ballarat International Horse Trials!

A good day on Saturday left Jaybee Calypso in 2nd place in the 2* and Northern Isaac 3rd in the 1* after dressage. Isaac then went on to jump double clear and with only a few seconds over time in XC held onto his third placing and first in the Interschools section and gaining more points for Nationals being held in Sydney in September. Calypso had 3 rails in showjumping but went clear with a super round in XC picking up some time penalties and finishing in 11th place.

I am very happy with their efforts and our preparation is perfectly on track for Melbourne!

Thank you for all of your continued support, it is much appreciated and I can't wait to represent you at Melbourne now the countdown is on!

Kind Regards Sam Jeffree




About us and our expert knowledge about our products

Ashley and Kas at Natural Mobility have more than 60 years of experience in animal health. Our endeavor is to provide our beloved animals with the products proven to be most excellent in their field. We strive to offer only the very best of the products we find and trial. This can take some time, but we continue to search for new products as well.

We test all our products on ourselves and our animals

No product is put on our site before it is first thoroughly tested by us on our own animals to establish its efficacy. We also have many human products as well, which are also thoroughly tested by us. Although horses are our speciality (we have showjumpers, 16 horses in all ), we also have 6 dogs of different breeds, (mostly rescue dogs) as well as cats, chooks and birds. All these animals have benefited from our range of products each day, even if only as a preventative daily dose.

Natural Mobility is here to help you.

Natural Mobility was founded by people who saw the need to supply quality, natural joint pain relief products that work. Having suffered with joint problems themselves, and also having cared for competition horses over the years, they experienced difficulty finding natural products that actually work and, most importantly, that are free from harmful toxins and additives.

Regards Ashley and Kas Jankowski.

... Joint Care Equine ... ... Joint Care Canine ...

... Marine Calcium ...

Joint Care Equine  100g



100% natural green lip mussel powder that may naturally assist with sore joints, ligaments and tendons in horses.

Available in 5 sizes


Natural Mobility

100% natural green lip mussel powder that may naturally assist with sore joints, ligaments and tendons in dogs.

Available in 3 sizes


Marine Calcium E & C  200g


Natural Mobility

Available in 3 sizes


... Colloidal Minerals ... ... Motipid ...


Colloidal Minerals

Minerals are essential nutrients for both man and animals. Every living cell in the body is dependent on minerals for proper function and structure.


Motipid Green Lip Mussel Capsules

Motipid™ is made from New Zealand Green lipped Mussels, which is a marine shellfish that contains many nutritional health benefits.


... Essiac for Humans... ... Essiac for Pets...

... TruPine for Humans ...

ESSIAC Capsules

Essiac for Humans
The genuine product from Nurse Rene M. Caisse - world renowned for having made significant contributions to the field of natural medicine. From 1922 to 1978, Nurse Caisse used ESSIAC®, her original herbal formula, may assist to alleviate pain and suffering and may assist to restore health to people worldwide.

ESSIAC® is an herbal formula which may assist support the immune system*.

ESSIAC for Pets

Essiac for Pets
ESSIAC® for Pets is made from Rene Caisse’s original ESSIAC® formula. The ESSIAC® for Pets capsules are made especially for dogs and cats.

TRU-PINE Capsules

TruPine for Humans
TRU-PINE® is a potent source of antioxidants, which may assist to maintain healthy cells in the body. After years of research, Canadian scientists have traced and identified the original Canadian pine tree species used by the Native people of Canada for more than 475 years. The pine bark selected to produce Tru-Pine is harvested during timber production in Canada’s virgin forests. We only select premium quality pine bark from pine trees aged between 10-20 yrs to ensure that the highest concentrations of Proanthocyanidins are extracted.


... Diatomaceous Earth ... ... Colloidal Silver Generator ...



Magnetic Pulser


Super T Magnetic Pulser

I use this easy to use machine regularly on my horses when l fear l have a muscular tear or injury and to break up scar tissue. It has proven very useful over the years with its rapid repair and healing properties. It is very simple to use and yet gives wonderful results in a short period of time. Every Serious competing Equestrian should have one.


Colloidal Silver Generator



Colloidal Silver for Equine use.
l have been very fortunate over the last few years to have acquired a Colloidal silver Generator for use on my animals. It has been very effective with many other animal ailments that require a natural way to assist in healing. It is very easily made in the home and if used and dosed correctly can give some stunning results. Below are a range of ailments that l have used this product on with horses and other animals . It may assist with-

Stomach ulcers.
Cleaning of wounds.
Travel sickness.
Skin ailments.
Poor eaters.
Poor doers.
Greasy Heel.
Rain scald.
Appetite stimulant.
Nasal Discharge.


... Diatomaceous Earth ... ... Tuff Rock Poltice ...

... Tuff Rock ...

Diatomaceous earth is being used by a growing number of horse owners for a variety of purposes, may assist in parasite control and as a source of silica. May assist in strengthening horses hooves, main, tail and skin.



TuffRock is a feed additive for greater well-being - may assist to improve the condition of coat, mane, tail and hooves, may assist  to improve digestive health and is a tonic for joints, ligaments and muscles.

... Placide ... ... Rebound Paste ...

Placide is a highly available form of magnesium - a mineral vital for good health. Magnesium is required by the body in large amounts but very little is stored, and magnesium deficiencies can result in impaired body function and nervousness. A magnesium supplement may assist to improve brain, muscle and nerve function in horses almost overnight.

OralX Rebound 3 Paste may assist to help restore and maintain the desirable micro-organisms in the gut of the horse, not unlike a natural probiotic.


Natural joint care for horses and dogs

Natural Mobility supplies "JOINT CARE" for sore joints in horses, dogs and humans.

Natural Mobility supplies natural products, supplements and nutrients for humans, dogs, cats and horses. We also stock a range of natural worming and mineral supplement products such as A grade human and animal Diatomaceous Earth, Colloidal Minerals, Cellfood and Mona-Vie.


Green Lipped Mussel

Our main product ranges are based on a Marine extract from the New Zealand Green Lipped Mussel, harvested from the clean ocean waters of New Zealand and developed using a unique extraction method.


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(In Australia)

PLEASE NOTE: If your order is over 3kg an extra shipping charge will apply. We will contact you as soon as we receive your order to let you know what the additional shipping charge will be.

Postage for overseas orders applies.

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To minimise the freight costs, charges will be calculated as follows:

$0 - $50 = $15 postage
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PLEASE NOTE: If your order is over 3 kg an extra shipping charge will apply. We will contact you as soon as possible as we receive your order to let you know what additional shipping charges will be.




Human and Animal Joint health

This wonderful natural nutrient supplement is 100% New Zealand Green lipped Mussel Powder sourced from the pristine waters of NZ. It is a natural way to maintain and care for you or your horses and dogs joint ligament and tendon health. Horses especially, because of the weight carrying burden placed on their joints during their  competition lives. So whether they be a competition horse, or a family pet, There is a good chance they may need assistance with conditions that effect their joints, ligaments and tendons.

Likewise for humans. Sore, stiff or degenerating joints, are probably one of the most common ailments in our human and animal health today.

Using Natural Mobility TM Joint Care may go a long way to assist in alleviating these problems. In recent animal trials we have seen horses that have been lame for up to two years become actively mobile or sound and return to the competition arena and the story is similar for many dogs as well. They do not have to be competition animals however to benefit from Joint Care. Many Aging animals fed this nutrient in their daily feeds, become active and mobile once again.

Adding Joint Care to a your animals daily feed regime is a simple and natural way to help maintain their joint health and mobility, especially if you wish to keep your horse or pet active and happy well into their later years or assist in recovery from injury, this powerful natural supplement may just give them the edge. The same can be said for humans as well.

The Natural Mobility TM Joint Care product is made from A-grade quality, 100% pure New Zealand Green-Lipped Mussel powder. It is a well-known fact that Green-Lipped Mussel powder acts as a natural anti-inflammatory and may assist with joint pain and joint injury repair. Green Lip Mussel powder acts by supplying the body with the building blocks that may assist with the rebuilding of cartilage and connective tissues. It has a high content of natural nutrients such as glucosamine, chondroitin, hyaluronic acid, Omega 3, 6, 9 Essential Fatty Acids, minerals and vitamins.

Our A-grade quality mussel powder is sourced from the pristine waters of the South Island in New Island and is cold produced within 24 hours of leaving the ocean. This ensures that there is minimal denigration to the quality of the nutrients. We only source premium A-grade human Green Lip Mussel powder for our products for use on both animals and humans. Thereby ensuring the maximum natural benefit for Joint health.





Natural Mobility is very proud to offer the following products:







Old Horsemans Tip for Laminitic Horses, as told to me.

Should your horse become laminitic, Remove 20 mls of blood from the jugular vein and re inject intramuscularly, 5 mls of that blood back into each quarter of the horse. Right neck 5mls. Right Rump 5mls. Left neck 5 mls. Left Rump 5mls. It has worked a treat for many horses usually seeing improvement in a few days. Of course combining with "JOINT CARE" sees an even bigger improvement.


With the rich spring grasses fast approaching and laminitis an ever present danger at this time, now is the time to get colloidal minerals into your horses to help prevent laminitis.

Linus Pauling, a Nobel prize winner for services to Natural Medicine, swears that every disease, every ailment and every illness known to mankind is due to a lack of one MINERAL or another. So with this in mind I tried the Life Springs Colloidal minerals on a thoroughbred mare who would become Laminitic at the site of grain. Three years on and she has never been Laminitic since. She copes readily with a little grain. So now all my horses are on a daily dose of colloidal minerals and nil signs of Laminitis.


Testimonials for Fossil Shell Flour (FSF)
What are customers, researchers, and Vets are saying about Perma-Guard Fossil Shell Flour?

Over the past 36 years, Perma-Guard Fossil Shell Flour (FSF) has received thousands of unsolicited testimonials claiming the benefits received by using our products. While Perma-Guard continues to receive these letters (and in some cases we even have 200 or 300 pages of reports from a major University in conjunction with the Department of Agriculture supporting these claims), the FDA, and the USDA will not allow us to make the claims.

However, we believe that after you have read a few of our testimonials that you will begin to see a pattern. We include these customer testimonials and state that we make no such claims. We sell our regulated DE products by the information on the labels. Any additional benefits received are incidental and free. Your feedback is welcome.

“… to control flies, manure odour, parasites, and improve overall health*…”
Customers, vets, and researchers claim:

"Improved Digestion for animals"
"Absorbs viruses and bacteria—passes them from the body"
"Kills stomach and intestinal parasites better than toxic poisons -- with NO SIDE EFFECTS"
"...Cuts vet bills up to 75%..."
"Improves bone structure"
"Gives hair more body and shiny appearance"
"Stops fly hatch in manure. (Neighbours no longer complain about flies)"
"Stops horses from chewing fence, cows from eating dirt..."
"Greatly lowers odour of manure. (Neighbours no longer complain about the smell)"
"Kills many bugs by dehydration--environmentally safe"
"Beneficial as soil additive--safe for earth worms"
"Provides 15 trace minerals to animals..."

Read these recent testimonials:
Charlene Rowley - Arthritis Gone

Dr. Galen Knight: "… nearest to a "MIRACLE PRODUCT" I have ever seen. It does so much good, with absolutely NO “side effects”!

Frank Zimmerman, "after 30 years use with dairy cows, Quarter Horses, and all other animals around the farm.” He recommends it to ALL his contacts. His operation has fly and odor under control and his animals are worm free... Anyone wishing to talk to Frank is free to call him at A to Z Farm in Arizona."

James Hussey used Perma-Guard DE for 28 years on his dairy herd. President of the Arizona Dairyman's Association for many years and exhibitor at the State Fair for 70 years. He had no fly or odor problems and the benefits to his animals and his business were very positive. For a copy of his letters call us.

Dr. Phillip Schaible, while heading the Dept. of Poultry Sciences at Michigan State University, reported:

"Contains 15 trace minerals important to animal diets. DE mixes well with all feeds while guarding against insect damage. Prevents worms and keeps virus epidemics from developing. Saves albumen, destroys harmful acids, safeguards the stomach. Improves health and growth of young animals. Causes better digestion, allowing animals to absorb a higher percentage of protein from its regular diet".
Dr. C.S. Hansen, DVM, with 8,000 chickens - "...immediately had a lower death rate, egg production went up and egg breakage went down". His profitability went way up.

Dr. H.D. Johnson, DVM, with 2000 calves – after 2 years, not a single case of scours. He says, "Using Fossil Shell Flour we have been able to eliminate vaccines and antibiotics".

Dr. M. F. Petty, DVM, "...gave immediate elimination and control of worms, stopped pigs from rooting and chewing feeder boxes, reduced manure odour, greatly reduced fly population and increased feed efficiency. Really improved profitability."

Capital South Syndicate by Dan Miller, manager. “Feeding FSF to my show and race horses, stallions, mares, foals and horses in training, we have seen improvements in their hair coat and their attitude. Flies and parasites are less of a problem.”

Leslie "Shorty" Thomas, L. Frank Roper Stables, Winter Park, FL. - "I take pride in the appearance and health of the horses under my care, which have won many national awards against stiff competition... I am grateful to have found Fossil Shell Flour ... It stopped scours, noticeably reduced flies, increased appetites, better feed conversion, eliminated internal parasites and created a healthier appearance. I would definitely recommend this product to other horsemen.” pe

Johnnie Firestone on Sheep - "We were losing one sheep every three days from the fringe tape worm in the bile duct. We started feeding the animals FSF, mixed with salt and cotton seed meal. Within two weeks the dying stopped. Since that time we have lost 2 sheep, but not to worms. To say that I am sold on FSF is a rank understatement. I recommend to anyone, just try it, it doesn’t cost much!"
Bill Worrell, Briarpatch Farms - "Because we wanted something safe to use around the house and on the animals, we knew there was no option except something "Food Grade." The only challenge we had after that was to determine which "Food Grade" product was the best. For the answer to this question, we merely looked at how the manufacturer backed up their product. Perma-Guard was the only company we found that backed it up unconditionally. We personally checked out all the information about DE and after looking at Material Safety Data Sheets and reading about 100 publications and documents, Perma-Guard beat every other DE product hands down. -- We personally use DE in the feed of every animal on our place. As an anti-caking agent, which is how DE is sold normally, it coats each particle of feed. It is the opinion of many that this allows more digestive juices to come in contact with the food particles, allowing the gut to better digest the food, resulting in better growth, and less undigested feed particles to pass. It is also believed by many that the DE which passes through the animals helps to control the fly population because when the flies lay their eggs on the manure, the larvae hatch and are lacerated by the DE This breaks the cycle of the fly. DE is also loaded with trace minerals as well. -- Our chicks get it in their first feeder of feed. Our dogs get it in their feed weekly. We also put DE in the dusting areas for the birds. Our birds enjoy a good dusting with DE in the hot weather. Dusting helps to control parasites such as lice, and we believe DE aids in that control since lice are soft-shelled. We also put DE in the nest boxes to help control lice in the nests. For severe infestations, we will dust the birds with DE that has Pyrethrins in it. We have found this to work better than the Food Grade product."
Diatomaceous Earth

As the internet email groups have many discussions about Diatomaceous Earth (DE) I decided to add what we have found through use for almost 20 years.

When we started using DE we de-wormed the goats as normal. Then we started mixing DE with the trace minerals in equal amounts by volume. We did fecals monthly for over a year with our vet. We used chemical de-wormers only right after our does kidded.

In that time, our fecals were clean! This isn't just a good herd but one that "survives" in parasite heaven called SW Florida and we live basically in swampland. If anyone uses DE, I would suggest that you also do the same thing. Have your vet do a fecal every month from a representation of your herd. This way you will know if it is working or not.

Granted this is just our experience, but we certainly are impressed with it. I must stress though the importance of cleaning up the herd first through proper de-worming and then doing monthly fecals to determine its effectiveness. I don't know if it will "de-worm" your does, but I think rather it keeps the eggs from developing, thereby maintaining a clean herd.

I have to WARN YOU!

The stuff that you buy for swimming pools, etc. is poison and although there may be differences (although I can't see how as a diatom is a diatom is a diatom), it is the particulate that is also present in the non-food grade that is highly dangerous as it contains lead, etc.

I'm sure if anyone really wants to know about DE and why there are 2 grades, you can go to a USDA website and do a search for more pertinent information. Start with grains, and go from there. I've seen the information on one of the sites previously so I know it is there. After all, it is government approved for use in granaries to keep mealy bugs, etc out of the grain and has been a useful alternative for organic growers for many years, approved by USDA.

That said folks, do NOT try to do any "home studies" based on a claim that the difference between 2 types is the sharpness of the diatoms. That is NOT the reason for the 2 grades. One is full of heavy metals which are poisonous and the food grade has been tested to be pure.




Equine B9 is an exclusive, concentrated, organic based horse feed supplement with the full spectrum of bioavailable vitamins and minerals.

Equine B9 contains certified organic minerals with 24 botanical extracts and enzymes, amino acids and extra calcium, magnesium and silica. The key core ingredient is VolcaMin that has had amazing healing effects and used for over a decade in Europe.


Equine B9 may assist with:-

Mental Alertness & Calming.

Removing toxins including heavy metals and radiation.

Reducing muscle pain from Lactic acids.

Reducing Acidosis as B9 contains Alkaline minerals.

Aiding in cellular protection as B9 contains a Powerful anti-oxidant.

Binding aflatoxins & mycotoxins.

Reducing Diarrhoea.

Increasing weight gain in sick/weak horses.

Acting as rescue remedy in periods of stress.

Contains a powerful electrolyte.





See Moey's amazing recovery on Technyflex Canine