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Natural Nutrients
for health and wellbeing
in horses

Natural Mobility 

(Available in 5 sizes)


Natural Nutrients for
health and wellbeing
in dogs

Natural Mobility

(Available in 3 sizes)

Green Lip Mussel 
nutrients for Humans

Natural Joint Care

(Available in 2 sizes)

Natural Mobility

Available in 3 sizes

Marine Calcium 200g

Natural Mobility

Available in 2 sizes

So Vital Organic Minerals 1L

So Vital Organic Minerals

Available in 3 sizes


Attention Customers

After nearly 15 years in the Green lipped mussel powder business,
Natural Mobility is proud to announce our own GLM product called simply
“Natural Mobility Joint Care” for humans and animals.

The Joint Care is now available in powder form for horses and dogs. The canine caps
are a wee way off and so we are asking our customers with fussy dogs
to try our canine powder by mixing it in a little milk or sprinkle on their food.
We have found that the milk solution has the dogs drooling while waiting
as they absolutely love it this way.

The human capsules are also a wee way off, so
in the meantime we are recommending “MOTIPID” 100 and 280
which we ourselves have trialled and found to be excellent.
Another benefit is a lower price. So try our new products
and we are sure you will be as thrilled as we are with the results and the lower costs.

All our products carry a money back guarantee.

Regards Ashley and Kas at Natural Mobility.