Strong Step Hoof Care – Organic Hoof Conditioner for Horses (950ml)


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StrongStep is a new generation of hoof conditioner, there is nothing like it on the market, PERIOD.

It’s made of an organic fluid with origins in plant oil, which have been processed extensively to give the product specific characteristics that may address the problems experienced with Horses Hooves.

StrongStep is absorbed directly into the hoof wall, where it binds the hoof material together, and establishes a correct and lasting level of moisture, which may assist to make the horses hooves very very strong and flexible.

StrongStep does not seal the hoof, like other products on the market, it actually allows it to breath, and regulates the moisture levels when the hoof when it is exposed to excess moisture or dry environments, that will normally make the hoof brittle, and a nightmare for the farrier.

StrongStep may assist to produce a hoof with optimal flexibility, which may encourage blood circulation though out the foot and lower leg.

StrongStep is totally safe for both the horse and rider, it’s made of 100% natural ingredients, and is also very easy to apply due to the innovative applicator which provides a unique new way of applying hoof conditioner!

StrongStep gives the hooves a nice appearance making it suitable for use prior to competition, and as the product is absorbed directly into the hoof, it will not be sticky or collect dust and debris.


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