AN145 Equine – Lameness for supporting and strengthening


  • Safe and natural for the performance or working animal.
  • Chronic or acute damages.
  • Repair and strengthen muscle weakness.
  • For all species and age.


  • Safe and natural treatment for the performance or working animals, who are under a lot of pressure both physically and mentally.

    Repair and strengthen the muscle weakness. For chronic issues weakness.Also, can use in conjunction with the Lameness formula their HAMPL Tear Repair 90 formula for more damages or strains or if really painful use in conjunction with HAMPL Herbal Anti-Inflammatory drops.

    Optional to the herbal anti-inflammatory is the homeopathic HAMPL Fast Inflammation Pain resolution.

    Please note: for equines, if recently vaccinated, consider the non-drug Laminitis natural medicine formulas as often this is a cause of the side effects of vaccines.

    So we highly recommend the (Product code AN048) HAMPL Equine Oral Nosode which is the safe alternative to a vaccine injection.The oral nosodes will protect as well as help detox from past or recent vaccine injections.


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