AN084 Colic, Acute Stomach Pain. Canines, Feline, Farm Animals and Equines. In Equines it is called Colic -Twisted Intestines,


  • Emergency twisted distorted gut.
  • All species with gastrointestinal pain
  • Digestion, stomach, small intestine, colon areas.
  • Acute cramping pain. Use as prevention too!


  • IMPORTANT “REPEAT DOSING” REQUIRED~ Acute pain symptoms: for fast relief and healing one must do repeat application dose. (e.g. pat in 3-4 drops on the back of shoulder blades as one dose, but must repeat a dose every 5 minutes. Once you see pain discomfort released you can reduce the frequent repeat dosing to every hour then stop when you feel all is normal again.
    ~ Prevention or Chronic discomfort: stir in a dose into water trough once a week. Fine if other animals share. Only the ones that need the support will benefit from this remedy.~ Lead Poisoning( possible poisoning) due to lead and its compounds has short and long-term effects primarily on the nervous, hematopoietic, gastrointestinal, cardiovascular, musculoskeletal, renal and reproductive systems. ~ Homeopathic Plumbum Met helps anti dote lead toxicities. This remedy is in the homeopathic formula called HAMPL Acute Nephritis 19-2 and HAMPL Colic Action 84 30ml (1oz) drops, and HAMPL Acute Gastro 89-1 drops.
    * Your pet or animal may need all of some of these formula – emergency assistance use HAMPL Acute Nephritis 19-2 30ml * renal support and HAMPL Acute Gastro 89-1 30ml (1oz) *fast relief of gastrointesintal symptoms. HAMPL Congestive Heart 22-1 drops * cardiovascular support, HAMPL Colic Action 84 30ml (1oz) drops * acute stomach pain. * if seizure also use the HAMPL Seizure 26-1 drops.
    * Start SubQ fluids once or twice a day to help flush toxins and re-hydrate if needed, makes them feel much better and helps them whilst healing and detoxing the system.

    Plumbum Met 12X, 1M, 10M (possible lead poisonings, colic, constipation, epilepsy, vomiting)

    Using the Colic Action 84 for fast relief and resolving , results are seen often after the second to fourth repeat dose given every 5 mins.

    Download pdf HELP SHEET for further information. * beside products


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